For its 8th year, the Brown County Hilly Half Marathon plans to expand on previous success and continue to highlight Brown County, promote health, well-being and create a true sense of community. There were over 750 participants, a 50% increase, and 100 local volunteers. The scenic route starts and finishes at the Saddle Barn winding its way through picturesque Brown County State Park. Up hills, past the fire tower, scenic vistas and back down the hill to a surprise near the finish line!

Thousands of runners and walkers participate in similar events within a 150 mile radius and Mini Marathons with 13.1 miles are the fastest growing race event. With Brown County State Park as a natural recreation location, we are confident this event will draw in a large crowd of athletes and families.

Sponsorship Opportunities:
This sponsorship page details a number of opportunities for your company to become involved in this new and impactful community event. In addition, you will find quick facts about the half marathon and events leading up to the half, the sponsor benefits, and how the proceeds will enhance our community.